Schedule of Zoning Fees

The Schedule of Fees shall be as follows:

  • Variance Request fee, $500.00
  • Zoning Amendment fee, $500.00
  • Conditional Use Permit fee, $500.00

Additional Fees:
A deposit for additional fees as set out at Article XVII(L)(B) of the Town of Holland Zoning Ordinance shall be required in the amount of $10,000.00 if the estimated cost of the improvement is more than $500,000.00.

Any additional fees incurred shall be due within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice.

Schedule of Dog License and Kennel Fees

The Annual Schedule of Fees shall be as follows:

  • Individual non-neutered / non-spayed dogs, $10.00
  • Individual spayed or neutered dogs, $5.00
  • Kennels (4-12 dogs) $140.00 (need Town Board Approval)

Additional Information:
Please find the dog license and/or kennel application under the 'Community' tab in the heading. Send the completed form, plus your veterinary rabies information and fee to Treasurer Gloria Kennedy.